M.Sc. Program in Renewable Energy Engineering (REE)


Renewable energy is the energy that is produced from natural resource; it is inexhaustibly over time and natural renew-ability. It includes wind, solar, geothermal, biomass and hydro energies. An efficient utilization of renewable resources has a significant potential in both stimulating the economy and reducing pollution. Thus, many governments started to implement various policies that support renewable generation, also Saudi Arabia. 2013 has been the program set up jointly between the departments of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering in the College of Engineering to awarded degree Master of Science in Renewable Energy Engineering, the program accepts holders Bachelor of Science in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering or equivalent from Saudi universities or others. Master of Science in renewable energy Engineering is a one path program that covers different areas within the program. The program consists of 30 credit hours: 6 credit hours for thesis, 12 credit hours for compulsory courses (4 Courses) and the same for the elective courses (4 courses). The expected duration to finish the program is four semesters.


A locally and regionally distinguished academic program in renewable energy engineering education and research that supports the sustainable development in the Kingdom.


Renewable Energy engineering program seeks to offer accredited developed higher studies to satisfy the needs of the kingdom, and to provide research services which support the sustainable development and contribute in the knowledge economy.


  1. Preparing graduates to effectively support the sustainable development and contribute to establishing the knowledge economy in the Kingdom.
  2. Preparing graduates to have a successful career in universities, research centers and energy production companies.
  3. Preparing graduates to effectively participate in the development and operation of renewable energy plants.
  4. Encouraging graduates to develop their professional performance through self learning and graduate studies.

Admission Requirements

  1. Passing the General Aptitude Test for graduates that convened by the National Center for Measurement and Evaluation.
  2. The applicant must be a Saudi person or have a grant for postgraduate studies if non-Saudi.
  3. Applicant should have a university degree from Saudi University or other recognized*.
  4. Applicant should be a good behavior and medically fit.
  5. Recommendations from two professors they have already taught him.
  6. The overall grade should be "very good" or higher in the undergraduate.
  7. Permission from the current work if applicant is an employee.
  8. Passing undergraduate program supplementary courses if necessary.
  9. Passing the English language test (TOEFL). The required grade is 475 in the paper-based system or its equivalent in other systems.

Supplementary courses

Supplementary courses for a technical or applied bachelor degree in electricity or mechanics with a grade of not less than 3.75 out of 5.00 or equivalent from a recognized college.

Course Code Course Name CR
ME 371 Thermodynamics-1 3
ME 395 Heat Transfer 3
EE 318 Fundamentals of Electric circuits 3
EE 339 Electrical Machines 2
19:55 PM