About Alumni and Students Training Unit

  • Updating the addresses of university graduates regularly, and providing each academic department with the addresses of former graduates so that each department can invite its graduates in the events held at the university, and keep the relationship between the department and the graduate.
  • Organizing Career Day and Open Day at the end of the first semester of each year and preparing for the open day activities that introduce the employers and students to each other. The open day also provides an opportunity for graduates of the first semester who are unable to attend the annual career day to see the career opportunities available.
  • Participate in organizing the activities of the annual Career Day organized by the university.
  • Participate in the preparation of the annual graduation ceremony.
  • Sending the newsletter (university news) to graduates regularly in cooperation with public relations. 
  • Introducing graduates to the career opportunities available to institutions and companies in the public and private sectors in various regions of the Kingdom. This is done after intensive contacts made by the Department with those institutions in order to know the needs of graduates from various disciplines in the university.
  • Organize files containing adequate information of all institutions that have job opportunities for graduates, and make different announcements on those opportunities to help graduates find suitable job opportunities in the shortest way.

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