About Coop Training Unit

Requirements and Eligibility:
Students start the Coop Training after the completion of the sixth semester and continue through the seventh semester plus one summer semester. The following criteria should be met before a student is considered eligible for the admission of the Coop Training program:
i.    The coop program must be completed before the last semester precedes the student's graduation.
ii.    Student has to complete a minimum of 100 credit hours prior to admit for the coop program.
iii.    Student has to satisfy the department special requirements, if any.
iv.    Student is not permitted to register for any other courses during the coop program.

Main Responsibilities of the Coop Academic Advisor:
The Coop academic advisor is a faculty member with expertise in the subject of the coop assignment. He is assigned by the department to guide the coop students through the entire training.  The main tasks of the academic advisor are:
i.    To guide the students and follow their progress through all stages of the training.
ii.    To arrange/perform frequent meetings with his advisees during training
iii.    To help students to write and compile their coop portfolio and reports in professional format.
iv.    To ensure that the students present and submit their portfolios and final reports by the end of the training period.
v.    To arrange the celebration of the Coop training for his advisees. 

Main Responsibilities of the Coop Examination Committee:
The Coop Examination Committee consists of three faculty members including the coop academic advisor. The committee evaluates the students’ coop portfolios, reports and presentations individually using the specific evaluation form (COOP-06) which is given in the attached Appendix. The average value of their three evaluations for each item is calculated and recorded in the overall evaluation form (COOP-07).

Director: Dr. Ziyad Mohammed Al-Mohaimeed

Contact us: z.mohaimeed@qec.edu.sa

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